Organic Seed Savers 
                 Hope, British Columbia

 Resiliency and Sustainability are Foundational Elements

of the Indigenous Cultures of Turtle Island (Canada)

and Saving Seeds is an Ancient Practice. 

For many Indigenous Societies, they believe that they are

Descendants of Seeds which are

Alive and Vital Beings;

Relatives that Take Care of Them in the Form of Food.

Seed Savers are guardians of the future

With much Gratitude,

We acknowledge the Stó:lõ People and the unceded Territory

on which we Sow, Grow and Save our Seeds.

We honor their wisdom as Land Stewards for Millennia in

S'olh Temexw

(the Fraser Valley)


We are busy collecting rare gems to add to our collection. 


Much care is taken to provide an ecologically balanced environment and rich wholesome soil for these special food picks!


Carefully selected varietals to enhance your growing space as well as

nourish you